Competency-Based Training for Humanitarian Health Workers




Opens Your Eyes To The Breadth Of Opportunities 


“The INMED International Medicine Intensive Course opens your eyes to the breadth of opportunities to serve marginalized people in culturally and economically appropriate ways. I enjoyed learning alongside course participants from the fields of pharmacy, nursing, and public health as we addressed the problems of creating sustainable health care and making ourselves available to the poor. I was challenged to think outside the clinical setting and to consider the social causes of poverty and ill health. I networked with service-minded movers and shakers in a way that may change the course of my career and my personal life!”


Joel Massey, MD, DIM&PH
United States Air Force Active Duty

Anderson Air Force Base, Guam

INMED International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course Graduate


wilson_jenniferServing With Excellence


“As a Canadian family and emergency room physician working in Ghana on a yearly basis, I have a strong desire to improve my knowledge and my skills in international medicine. However, due to the demands my clinical work and raising a young family, most training opportunities in global health are not feasible. The International Medicine & Public Health Intensive Course was an absolutely perfect fit for me. The online segments provided the flexibility I desired, and how refreshing were my like-minded classmates at the in-class segment. This course is extremely well organized and the INMED team was proactive in encouraging us along every step of the way.”


Jennifer Wilson, BSc MD CCFP(EM)
Uxbridge, Ontario
GRID-NEA Ghana volunteer

INMED International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course Graduate


gard_scarlettEncouraged Me To Persevere Towards A Career In International Medicine


“This course provided excellent preparation for my later service at Vellore Christian Medical College & Hospital in India. Many of the diseases I encountered there had not yet been covered in my medical education, but the knowledge and skills I gained at the Intensive Course prepared me well. I was also encouraged to persevere in my path towards a career in international medicine by the many inspiring people I met during the course. I highly recommend that other healthcare students aiming to deliver compassionate care to diverse people integrate this course into their training.”


Scarlett Gard, Medical Student
Kansas City University of Health Sciences
INMED International Medicine & Public Health Intensive Hybrid Graduate


atkinson_doloresWell Organized And Super Student Friendly


“As a nurse practitioner at Hastings Indian Hospital, I am keenly aware of the cultural and resource disparities that exist within our nation. I’m enthusiastic about improving this situation, and I was inspired to discover the other Intensive Course students and faculty share my convictions. Now I have a network of colleagues with the same passion as I do! The INMED presenters were experts in their fields, teaching not only from their head but their heart as well. This intensive training was well-organized and super student friendly. I really enjoyed the program.”


Dolores Atkinson MS, ARNP
Captain, United Stated Public Health Service-Indian Health Service
Cherokee Nation W.W. Hastings Indian Hospital
INMED International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course Graduate


Walden_JeffreyI Would Recommend This Course To Anyone


“The INMED Combined International Medicine and Public Health Intensive Course challenged me to view disease management in a new perspective. The online portion of the course helped me delve deeper into not just the pathology of disease but also in the factors which make certain populations more vulnerable to diseases of poverty. The in-classroom, hands-on section allowed me to broaden my skills, meet amazing new people who are also very dedicated to alleviate suffering. This course provided me with not just a broader knowledge base but also the motivation to continue working with disadvantaged populations. I would recommend this course to anyone!”


Jeff Walden, MD, DIMPH
Family Medicine Resident
Cone Health Family Medicine Residency Program

INMED International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course Graduate


frocker-susanExceeded My Expectations 


“As a pharmacist who regularly goes on medical missions to Ghana, I enrolled in the INMED International Medicine and Public Health Intensive Course to enhance my knowledge about diseases of poverty. This course exceeded my expectations: not only have I learned how to improve our treatment protocols, my understanding of primary healthcare and health systems has grown and I am inspired to do even more to help. I am excited about teaching the “Helping Babies Breath” program that I learned during the in-class session. I highly recommend this program to any pharmacist who has an interest in international medicine and global health.”


Susan Frocker, PharmD
Director of Pharmacy, Ross Memorial Hospital
Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

INMED International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course Graduate


manimtim-winstonI Was Very Impressed 


“As a practicing neonatologist with special interest in global health, I was very impressed with the INMED International Medicine Intensive Course. In addition to providing a review of the basic knowledge on tropical and infectious diseases affecting the world, it included topics on culture adaptation, ethical issues as well as community leadership and health promotion through community development. It was very comprehensive and the speakers were experts in their own fields. I would recommend this course to any health care professional who faces the challenges of bringing health care to the very sick, the disadvantaged and the impoverished people of the world.”


Winston M. Manimtim, MD
Department of Neonatology
Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics
INMED International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course Graduate


manzoni-diegoHelped Me Improve My Health Project In Ghana 


“Attending the INMED International Medicine Intensive Course was extremely enriching for me, not only because of the clinical topics but also for wonderful people whose interest and experience resonate with my own. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed with all the information, but the teachers were excellent at giving us the basic concepts and practical application. I especially appreciated the cultural topics, for it is difficult to get this knowledge from books. Throughout the course, I identified improvements to make in our health promotion project in Ghana. I recommend the INMED International Medicine Intensive Course to all people interested in medical missions and serving others.”


Diego Manzoni, MD
Founder, Health-Aid
Costa di Mezzate, Italy
INMED International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course Graduate


white-charlotteCertainly Nurse Practitioners Will Greatly Benefit 


“Dr. Comninellis and the INMED staff did a great job in putting this course together for us. As a result of these two weeks, I feel more prepared to take on the questions and treatment challenges that I will soon be facing in Tanzania. I have been sharing about the International Medicine Intensive Course with other nurse practitioners who are interested in medical missions. I am hopefully they will chose to participate in the future. I am certain they will greatly benefit just as I have.”


Charlotte White, BSN, MN, ARNP, CNS
Clinical Nurse Practitioner
Wichita, Kansas
INMED International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course Graduate


wambugu-johnINMED Inspired Me To Serve My Own People In Kenya 


“How I thank God for entire INMED team. The International Medicine Intensive Course has revived my medical thinking and again inspired me to serve my own people in Kenya. I learned so much about culture and epidemiology; different ways of building trust with people and being integrated into their community. The medical part was also well presented by all the professors. There was no better way than this course for me to get practical training in a short time. Clinical officers like myself will benefit from this course. INMED has become part of my story and the story of many whom I look forward to serving.”


John Wambugu
Registered Clinical Officer
Kenya Ministry of Health
INMED International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course Graduate