This course consists of an online section and an in-classroom section. Ideally, the in-classroom section follows immediately after the online section. However, to accommodate conflicting schedules, students may defer the in-classroom segment for up to one year following completion of the online section. Upcoming dates for the International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course include the following:


2017 Kirksville MO, hosted by AT Still University

On-Line Section: August 28 to Nov 5 (10 weeks)

In-Classroom Section: Nov 11 to 12 (Sat-Sun) in Kirksville MO


2017 Kansas City KS, hosted by Kansas University Medical Center

On-Line Section: Sep 4 to Nov 12 (10 weeks)

In-Classroom Section: Nov 17 to 19 (Fri-Sun) in Kansas City KS


2018 Richmond VA, hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University

On-Line Section: January 1 to 21 (3 weeks)

In-Classroom Section: January 25 to 27 (Thu-Sat) in Richmond VA


2018 Fort Worth, TX, hosted by John Peter Smith Hospital

On-Line Section: January 15 to March 25 (10 weeks)

In-Classroom Section: March 29 to 31 (Thu-Sat) in Fort Worth, TX
Optional Ultrasound for Primary Care Course on March 28 (Wed) in Fort Worth, TX


2018 Long Island, NY, hosted by Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine

On-Line Section: March 12 to May 20 (10 weeks)

In-Classroom Section: May 26 to 27 (Sat – Sun) in Long Island, NY