Following is the general schedule of the Helping Babies Breathe Master Trainer Course, 2nd Edition. This is an interactive, hands-on skills learning experience that includes role-playing, peer-to-peer training and practice throughout.


8:30       Registration/Networking

9:00       Dialogue – Causes of Neonatal Death; Introduction to HBB Program

9:30       Ventilation with Bag and Mask

10:00     Preparation for a Birth (emphasis on linkage among HBB learning materials)

11:00     Routine Care (emphasis on learning with the neonatal simulator)

12:00    The Golden Minute® (clear airway and stimulate breathing)

1:00      Lunch

2:00      The Golden Minute (ventilation)

2:30      Continued Ventilation with Normal and Slow Heart Rate

3:00      Participant Evaluations – Mastering the Action Plan

4:00      Evaluation of Learner Knowledge and Performance (discussion in large group)

………………  and Implementation of HBB in resource limited setting

5:00      Course Evaluation


Break times are not scheduled, but will be provided based on faculty and learner needs.