Felicia Bassey-Akamune, MD, DIMPH

Institution: Practicing Physician
Training Site: Clinica Esperanza
Location: Honduras
Training Date: May 2017

Honor Klassen, DIPH

Institution: Cedarville University
Training Site: Bangalore Hospital
Location: India
Training Date: July – August, 2017

Nita Avrith, MD, DIMPH

Institution: Resident Physician

Training Site: Macha Mission Hospital

Location: Zambia

Training Date: August – September, 2017

Isaac Billings, DIMPH

Institution: Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Training Site: Kiwoko Hospital
Location: Uganda

Training Date: April – May, 2017

Mihiret Million Belihu, MD, DIMPH

Institution: Resident Physician
Training Site: Soddo Christian Hospital
Location: Ethiopia
Training Date: July 2017

Demelza Rekha Chinniah Thomas, DIMPH

Institution: Poznan University Of Medical Sciences
Training Site: Heliodor Swiecicki Clinical Hospital at the Karol Marcinkowski Medical University
Location: Poznań, Poland
Training Date: July 2017

Jonathan Yadlosky, MD, DIMPH

Institution: UPMC St. Margaret
Training Site: Baptist Medical Center
Location: Ghana
Training Date: February – March 2017

Scott Armistead, MD, DIMPH

Institution: Practicing Physician

Training Site: Wenchi Methodist Hospital
Location: Ghana
Training Date: February – March 2017

Sean Mark, MD, DIMPH

Institution: UMKC School of Medicine
Training SiteClinica Esperanza
Location: Honduras
Training Date: June 2017

Eva Holsinger, MD, DIMPH

Institution: Practicing Physician
Training SiteLiaoning International General Health Trainers
Location: China
Training Date: 2016

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