Mission & Values

On the outskirts of our communities exist extraordinary numbers of individuals and families who are forgotten. Often these are the poor, the unemployed, minorities, and immigrants. Overlooked by the majority and left behind in the dash for progress, these silent persons piece together lives from the leftovers, as they succumb the physical and mental repercussions of neglect. Some two billion of them still lack basic nutrition, housing, safe water, education, and health care. As a result, their infants only have a three in four chance of surviving beyond childhood, and those who do survive may live only into their thirties or forties. Tragically, health in many poorer communities is actually on the decline. This should not be so!


Critical Deficiencies


Yet healthcare professionals who serve on behalf of the forgotten often discover that their education and training poorly prepared them to work effectively among such people, primarily because:



Inspiring Assistance


The Good Samaritan is a moving account told by the Great Physician of a compassionate outsider coming to the aid of a common man who was robbed, beaten, and left for dead. He urged, “Go and do likewise.” Many healthcare professionals today continue to follow this model of kindness toward those who are most disadvantaged, make service to the poor an intentional part of their careers, whether in their home communities or in distant locales. Countless lives are saved through their ongoing commitment.


Mission of INMED


The mission of the Institute for International Medicine is to equip healthcare professionals and students with the unique skills to serve forgotten people. INMED is a Missouri-registered, non-profit, educational corporation founded in 2003.




Values of INMED



Partnership For Compassion


INMED’s Executive Officers and Board of Directors are pleased to partner with a growing number of students, healthcare professionals, universities, residency programs, healthcare facilities, and national health leaders – all intent on inspiring and equipping healthcare professionals to “Go and do likewise” and to serve the most forgotten people of our world.